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Monday, May 11, 2015



These are my type of Monday Blues. 
Breathtaking isn't it?
So amazed by the crystal clear blue sea water.
Pray hard that this paradise will never get polluted.
Thanks for having me there in the perfect condition.

Wish to had more time and energy to embrace myself in this beautiful ocean blue ..

#backtocity #realityhitshard

Friday, May 8, 2015

Back in KL and leaving very soon again.

A short getaway to the beach with ma girls for life :)

The only regret is that I didnt have time to get myself a pair of fancy bikinis. And also enough sleep time. But it's alright we still gonna rock this trip yo ;) Anyway this is our first trip together after all grown up <3

Fingers crossed that everythings gonna be smooth and steady.

爱你的人不会要你为他操心忧虑 我们不小了 会自己照顾自己。如果开心的事和伤心的泪成正比 那宁可平平淡淡 也不想有一丝委屈。

出发咯 😁😁

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

心情已经不是悲哀可以形容 无声呐喊也不为过
就当自己吃了个闷亏 无法诉说这股委屈
忍住鼻酸和眼泪 不想又湿了另一边枕头
以后要更善待自己 照顾自己的感受
两年而已 当作努力工作的推动力
身外物带不进坟墓 不一定要拥有
这世上有很多人比自己可怜 这样想就对了。

相信好的就在前方. Just have faith.


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